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2017/11/22 00:04:34

No one can limit you but you! #BreakTheBarriers #ReachNewHeights #TuesdayTip
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2017/11/20 03:35:19

Cuando acaba el día, lo que todos deseamos es tener a alguien cerca.Guardar las distancias y fingir que no te preocupan los demás, no es más que una sarta de mentiras.La gente que se queda contigo cuando el día llega a su fin, es la que merece la pena conservar. Aunque a veces cerca, es demasiado cerca.Sin embargo, a veces, la invasión de tu espacio personal es lo que necesitas...-Grey’s Anatomy#HeNeverLetMeGo #onfire #howcloseistooclose #sundaymood #fire #personalspace #letGo #breakthebarriers
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2017/11/19 09:36:01

Good day of archery with awesome team mates #spotarchery #breakthebarriers #goldtiparrows #mathewsinc #MathewsTRX
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2017/11/19 08:29:07

Terimakasih aja ngga cukup untuk kepanitiaan terluarbiasa ini. Mulai dari EODC sampai EGP. mulai dari Rakor, Rabes, Racil, Radiv yang ngga cuma bisa sejam dua jam estimasi waktunya. Mulai yang awalnya urusan sm acore, jadi urusannya sama moderator. Yang awalnya jadi anak acara debate tiba2 nimbrung jd anak acara festival wkwk. Sampe akhirnya tiba-tiba udah hari H aja. Dan sekarang udah H+7 hari sejak pembubaran panitia:') It was a really meaningful 7 months fellas💕💕💕 #ESPGreatPresent6#BREAKTHEBARRIERS #EODC #ImproveYourself#InvolveYourself#LightenTheFuture
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2017/11/18 10:13:34

Wow, this week was crazy AF 📚😝🌧 Work and tests in my Developmental Nutrition and Clinical Biochemistry classes have me so excited for the weekend. I couldn't think of a better picture🌄 to fit my current mood!!👱🏼‍♀️✌🏻
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2017/11/15 06:53:32

A wee shout out to our neighbours!!😊#breakthebarriers #loveislove #letsgetmarried #australia
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2017/11/15 04:02:35

Here we go!! It almost here! Here we go #athletsrx nation!!! Thanks for the support. Always remember that a portion of your purchase goes to underserved wellness programs locally. Thank you so much for your support. The kiddos appreciate it!!#breakthebarriers @breakthebarriers @4derrick @thefirsttee
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2017/11/14 10:05:36

Exodus 35:30-33 “See, the Lord has called by name Bezalel the son of Uri, son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah; and he has filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, with intelligence, with knowledge, and with allcraftsmanship, to devise artistic designs, to work in gold and silver and bronze, in cutting stones for setting, and in carving wood, for work in every skilled craft.”/ Do not be limited or capped by others ability to box you in to your gifts & talents. The greatness, largeness and capacity of God has so much more in store for you. You are more than a “worship leader”, “youth leader”, “always with a camera”, “production”, “good with kids”, “loud” , “soft” , “smart”, “stern”, “creative”, “not much of a thinker”, “extroverted”. Your ability & capacity is in alignment with God... limitless & thats, so exciting. #morethanlables #youarechosen #breakthebarriers #surprisethem
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2017/11/14 01:31:50

Have a great Monday my little peanuts!🤗💋 You do you👱🏼‍♀️✌🏻
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2017/11/12 08:56:48

Finished up second place at the break the barriers veterans shoot today.#breakthebarriers #lotsofdirty30's #hoytarchery
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2017/11/12 04:35:19

Great day out at #ThePoppyHalfMarathon, a half marathon PB for be at 1:51:23. Next target is 1:45. But lets all remember those fallen soldiers #leastwenotforget#halfmarathon #personalbest
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2017/11/11 14:51:59

When you think you can, there's nothing that can stop you. 💥#SaturdayThoughts #BeLimitless #BreakTheBarriers #ImInspired #iminitiative
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2017/11/11 09:23:01

Dare to be fearless. Stare back at your fears and inner doubt and say quietly, and confidently... I will not be defeated. Image captured by Christopher Harkins. Cropped for Instagram. Hair and Makeup by Georgina Condon @christopher_harkins. Outfit design and headpiece created myself #breakthebarriers #riseagainst #staredown #creativemindsandconcepts #creativemakeup #creativephotography #australianmodel #petitemodel #fearless #iwillrise
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2017/11/11 01:56:14

Ok, first let's talk about my creepy enlarged hand🤣👋🏻😂 Honestly though, swimming and floating in water is one of my favorite things in life🐠🐟 I used to have dreams I lived underwater...I would glide and roll around as I swam from one room to the next. Is that odd??! Maybe, but what I found when I went to Hawaii, was that all I wanted to do was be in the water. It's sad to think back on how many years I avoided the beach and pools because of body image issues. I truly forgot how much I love it😍💦🏄🏼‍♀️🌈☀️ Don't let yourself hold you back👱🏼‍♀️✌🏻
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2017/11/10 14:04:08

You don’t want to miss BTB’s Nutcracker this year! Tickets are on sale now! It’s going to be #amazing !