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2017/10/21 02:58:42

This autumn light
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2017/10/21 02:53:53

Aujourd’hui c’était blogtrip #champagneday la journée à été riche en activité, que je vous raconterais très prochainement sur le blog ! Les vignes sous les couleurs de l’automne c’est quand même magnifique 😻 Vous connaissez cette région ? #aubechampagne
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2017/05/05 11:33:56

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2017/10/21 02:56:29

Who needs a co-working space when there's coffee and dogs?
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2017/10/21 02:50:32

“I don’t want to change the world. I only want to express it.” /Mies van der Rohe
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2017/10/21 02:55:34

Hello from Basel, Switzerland! 🇨🇭I'm here for a long weekend taking part in choreolab Europe, a collaborative residency in modern dance. It's only been two days so far and already I am brimming with inspiration, buzzing from meeting incredible people and loving the simple beauty of this city. ❤️
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2017/10/21 02:50:21

There are certain spots in London, I’ll always get gooey over. Portobello Road will forever be one of them, and Alice’s Antiques, in particular evokes a rollercoaster of emotions. When I first moved West, my first picture was of Alice’s. Now, when I walk past it in the afternoon, as kids are leaving school and the neighbourhood locals are rushing to find warmth in their nearest and dearest coffee shops, I take a moment to smile and remember the magic in this city, found in the spots you claim as your own. These are the places that contain so many memories that your heart wants to burst out of your chest when you see them as your mind floods with images of days of old. Do you guys feel the same? Do you have a London place (or many) that is that full of memories and beauty? I sincerely hope you do. It makes London, well, “London”. And my list of perfect places and moments grows everyday, especially in autumn!
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2017/10/21 02:43:41

Way behind on the IG posting front as social media is basically a hub of all things negative these days. We spent 6 epic weeks in Japan, ten epic days in London, and now we've been doing the damn thing in Spain for the last 5 weeks. The last 8 months have been pure chaos, so we're enjoying the downtime before the next run of crazy. So so good to be back in Spain with my little beardo.Japan, where you can have the best meals of your life and the absolute worst. Where you can have the most fun ever with expats/tourists/locals and also cross paths with way too many American white nationalists and racists. Where you can site-see your f'ing heart out or basically skip every tourist attraction in a city and not feel slightly guilty about it because just existing there is so fulfilling. Tokyo, Hakone, Osaka, and Kyoto. Four equally amazing places for different reasons. Japan is definitely one of my favorite countries ever, but it has instilled this nightmare of a dilemma that I now look at every meal as if it is rotten fish and will make me throw up on the spot. Food is my favorite thing about living (sorry Randy), so I'm holding a bit of a grudge against Japan for probably 10 years. I'll definitely be back once that has subsided.You're too pretty to shy away from the camera, @heyheyandrew. Get it together.
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2017/10/21 02:44:14

malibu views ☀️
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2017/10/21 02:43:37

Here's to knowing that everything at one point, was exactly what you wanted. FOLLOW YOUR 💙 mine takes me to the beach 😉
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2017/10/21 02:42:12

I noticed my life circles around places. I make decisions which eventually make me come back or stay or leave, all depending on #whereistand
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2017/10/21 02:37:36

Be a tourist in your own city
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2017/10/21 02:35:39

Happy Friday! 🎉I'm currently walking around like a jet lagged zombie and it's no fun. 😩I worked late last night, went to bed at midnight, woke up at 4 am 💁🏻and have been up ever since. I watched the sun come up and snacked on @freia_norge chocolate in the dark 😂🍫Luckily I have a lot of fun photos to sort through from my trip back to Scandinavia like this one from the fortress in Halden, Norway. 🇳🇴All outfit sources are tagged ✨ #bandotravel #norway #visitnorway
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2017/10/21 02:35:13

Roofs of Bukchon Village
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2017/10/21 02:33:13

There's always light at the end of the tunnel @werovetheworld 😍
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2017/10/21 02:28:30

The forecast called for three straight days of ⛈⛈⛈ in San Blas... instead we were treated to moments like this (& left with very painful sunburns 😳 #opps). #paradise #visitpanama #chasingthelight #luckyducks #gratitude #natureisawesome