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Tighten, brighten & protect me please! #EpikC 🌹✨


2018/02/16 04:55:27

When is the best time to apply a vitamin c serum?


2018/02/16 10:03:29

@christinad0904 right before applying your Mirakle Cream 😊


2018/02/16 11:21:38

@betterskinco i meant time of day. I read somewhere that you shouldn't wear it if you're going out in the sun but if I put it on at night, and wash my face in the morning, is that ok?


2018/02/17 23:09:46

Amazing! ✨ ❤


2018/02/22 21:06:05



2018/03/03 12:36:19

💜 💜