Your Cycling Goals

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2018/01/23 07:25:43

Nice! 😊👍


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2018/01/24 02:59:55

Appreciated, @sebjarrot.


2018/01/24 09:25:12

He mate looks like some great content, I’ll catch up on them when I get home. My New Years resolution is to improve my RBC count with a blood boosting smoothie each day, what would you recommend I use ? Thanks 🙏


2018/01/27 02:49:18

I use Thriva to test my blood (quickest test to result feedback around) and Black Beans to increase everything your blood needs (pretty much). I’ve gone from borderline anaemic to 45% haematocit in a month. ⚡️ Full video, step by step how I did it, @flynn.sean.


2018/01/27 09:16:43

@cyclinggoals2018 Cheers for reply, I’ll deffo watch the vid when I get home away training atm. I have a Thriva kit at home to do the test from one of your previous vids, 👍cheers, RBC’s is where it’s at


2018/01/27 09:22:48

I’ll contact Thriva and ask when their RBC kits will be available, @flynn.sean. Your iron and B12 will be general markers of where your Haematocrit is at. Otherwise make an appointment with your GP and say you worry you may be anaemic and need to check your RBC.


2018/01/27 19:40:57

@cyclinggoals2018 Thats some improvement, do you have a previous vid or your going to do one, can you link me , thanks 👍This sounds great