Thinking of you @that_ruca_ashh___ ❤ and needing more of you in my life! 💘 Love you forever! #realfriends #oldfriends #dayones #goodtimes #hoodtimes #throughthicknthin #latepost #oldpics #babycoy #coyboy #memories #when coywonthesuperbowl🏈 #lovethaticanpostmultiplepicsnow


2018/01/17 22:51:19

Missing my kaykay!


2018/01/17 23:01:10

Been thinking of you too! @aussenard any open houses soon?


2018/01/17 23:50:14

Dude omg I love you soooo much,, we've been through some crazy times, bad times, great times, sad times, and no matter what we've remained true... our friendship is something I'll forever cherish Kayla, since we were kids you're just cut from a different cloth, they don't make them like us anymore... I love you my white girl,, I swear you're Mexican tho,, lol... miss you love,, we'll make more memories soon,, don't ever change a thing about you homegirl,, it what makes YOU, YOU..!!!! I loveeee you!💕✨


2018/01/18 00:07:22

@that_ruca_ashh___ nope they sure don't make em like us anymore.. I got all the friends I need 💯 I loveeee youuuu!!! Always


2018/01/18 00:09:41



2018/01/18 06:29:26

Both of you ladies are absolutely gorgeous. Very beautiful pictures of the both of you.