Anniina Olkkonen

Cuba was such a fascinating and unique country, I absolutely loved it: music on streets, everything a little bit old, friendly locals who love to stop and chat with you (or maybe even sing for you or give you a quick salsa lesson) and of course the most beautiful cars in the world. 💃🏽🎶🎺🚘 .
The only bad thing about our trip was the weather, as there was a little winter storm in Cuba last week. It was cloudy, windy and “cold” most days, although the Cuban cold was still pretty warm for us (around 20˚ C).
But we didn’t let the weather depress us. It was easier to walk around Havana when it wasn’t too hot, and luckily Cuba was full of colours even when the sky was grey. 🚗🚕🚙 #barbiecars #colorsofcuba #KeksilinnamestaritMatkalla


2018/01/09 02:38:24

Sooo sick


2018/01/09 12:30:47

Cuba is a very unique place! @photosbyfer


2018/01/11 10:59:29

w(°0°)w Kawaiiii Cars!!