Before and After painting the 5.0 GT Mustang! Sometimes that pink erks me! 😲 Purchased a few months back for $2.19 at the GOODWILL on 1/2 off day. I sprayed it black with some metallic silver on top. I tgink eventually i would love to have shiny rims on the wheels? Who is the lucky one to drive this baby? Lol Vrooooommm, Vrooooom!


2017/11/29 15:58:23

#blacklicious :▪️)


2017/11/29 23:19:11

Sharpay car high school musical


2017/11/29 23:28:53

@jugetes_algo_mas_ Really? I didn't know that! On the hood of the car were initials of SG! Now o know...🤣😁😂🙄


2017/11/30 05:30:51

love it !


2017/11/30 10:36:10

Looks Much Better!!! Great Job


2017/12/01 06:37:43

@mustangpassion thanks!


2017/12/01 06:37:59

@vinyllyfree Thanks!