2017/11/22 06:51:15

Were you tempted to make a purchase?


2017/11/22 07:12:44

I want to live in that shop, i love it all!!


2017/11/22 07:20:30

@coffeeclaire I was and I did, several!!!😁


2017/11/22 07:22:33

@mykentlife There were so many different rooms full of gorgeous things. 😍


2017/11/22 07:50:05

@jc.macs1 Thanks for sharing, it's so my kind of shop, i know where I'm heading to when in Tetbury..😍


2017/11/22 08:18:51

Awesome ❗️❗️❗️😍😍😍


2017/11/22 14:01:29

I love all that furniture


2017/11/22 16:44:49

@mykentlife Give them a follow #artique81 They were on the Celebrity antiques road trip. 😊


2017/11/27 02:19:54

Love Tetbury ❤


2017/11/27 03:45:48

@teresa_michele_ Me too...so lucky it's only a short drive away.