Doing the weekly shop at this time of the year is just a dream 😍 Btw, sorry I've been MIA - my car decided to break this week and I've been running around like a headless chicken 😬 Hopefully everything will be solved by the end of next week! OH! Should this be the start of #mychristmasbaubles2017? | Hacer la compra en noviembre y diciembre es mi pasatiempo favorito 😊


2017/11/21 02:52:54

I love seeing the festive spirit unfold when I'm shopping and when I'm working at The Body Shop 😊✨ I hope everything is okay and back to normal! And I think the present is the best time to start the bauble hashtag! My baubles aren't out yet, but when they are, you will know! 😁👌✴❤


2017/11/21 06:32:40

@holly_featherstone Oh Holly, I didn't know you worked at The Body Shop! My dream haha 😊 Mine neither, but will be soon 🎄🎇⛄❄❤


2017/11/22 08:49:49

Hope things get better for you!!! I understand what you mean about getting home and it’s dark already! It feels like it’s dark when I leave and dark when i get home! Yay for starting the baubles!!! Will be joining in again for sure!!


2017/11/26 05:09:04

@earlgreystyle I know, right!? It's the same for me! Yay, I'm so excited about the hashtag this year 😊😙💗