Pretty in Baby Food


2017/09/24 00:07:38

Oh don't mind me. I'm just making oatmeal for breakfast.
This @innobabyllc Aquaheat portable food mega warmer is the bomb! I love to go camping and this is going to be a camping food game changer. I have made oatmeal, hot tea, noodles, and even stored cold fruit in it when apple picking. All you need are Aquaheat heat packs, add water to the fill line, and watch it go! Then after your done through the cooled warmer packs away!
If you want to keep food cold you can put an ice pack in the bottom and it will keep your food cold for hours. It pairs nicely with the Aquaheat lunchbag. (We fit the mega warmer, 2 bottles of water, 2 sodas, sandwiches, and sides in the lunch bag.) I really wish I had this when I worked full time. Some day's there were 5 to 8 lunches stacked up by the microwave waiting to be reheated. With this I could have heated my lunch at my desk or outside! *I did receive a discount on product in exchange for my review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.* #loveib #loveibambassador #innobaby #Aquaheat #Baby #BabyBottle #Battery #BottleWarmer #BPAfree #Breastmilk #Camping #Coffee #Cooker #Ecofriendly #Efficient #Electricity #Flameless #FoodContainer #Formula #Heat #Milk #Newborn #Nontoxic #Oatmeal #Onthego #Portable #Quick #Reheat #Reusable #lunchbag


2017/09/24 00:09:11

Omg this is legit amazing!!!!!! I need it, need it I tell you!


2017/09/24 00:10:38

This is freaking amazing!!


2017/09/24 00:12:08

@gigieats it is pretty cool. Now I want to try out all kinds of things I could make in it. Haha!


2017/09/24 00:24:56

Such a cool invention


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2017/09/24 01:03:37

That is an AMAZING idea!


2017/09/24 01:12:44

Love this !


2017/09/24 02:09:28

Oh wow! How cool is this?!?!


2017/09/24 12:52:59

Oh I so need one of these


2017/09/24 14:50:11

✅Very beautiful photo.!!!


2017/09/25 11:00:35

So cool!!!!


2017/09/25 13:22:55

Omg PERFECT for Mac and Cheese! I need this!