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🍽 HUG IN A BOWL 🍽 Autumn🍁 has arrived early and there's a chill in the air. I'm looking forward to nutritious homemade comfort food, candles, cosy knits and long leafy walks in the Autumn🍂 sun ☀️ exploring the landscape beautifully tinted by nature's🌳 paintbrush. 👉 Speaking of COMFORT FOOD: there's a NEW TRAVEL & "FOODIE DELIGHTS" post on the Blog featuring this ORGANIC creamy, oozing "Veggie Risotto" from Kildare' s BEST Kept Secret! 😍 LINK IN BIO!
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2017/09/19 22:06:46

Looks delicious !!


2017/09/19 22:30:06

@feastcateringirl Thanks ladies, it was! I'm fussy with Risotto but this gets two big👍So good I find myself craving it.😄


2017/09/19 22:55:08

💕💕💕💕 woooooow :)


2017/09/19 22:57:57

@littlegforce you can't beat a tasty creamy risotto on these winter days!!


2017/09/20 01:25:06

That looks so yummy!😋


2017/09/20 01:27:07

@kath.fi Thanks!😊


2017/09/20 01:28:01

@feastcateringirl Agreed! Done right its such a good winter warmer.👌


2017/09/20 01:28:56

@tastymediterraneo Oh it was! Dreamy and creamy.😘😊


2017/09/20 01:35:32

That looks so so tasty! Hope you enjoyed it 😊


2017/09/20 10:50:46

That looks so good! I can't wait for cosy knits and over the knee boots.


2017/09/20 11:30:48

Love it


2017/09/21 16:16:24


2017/09/26 10:28:31

@themaxinediaries Bring on the cosiness!🙌🤗


2017/09/26 10:29:01

@thepassivelifestyle Thanks.☺