Louise 💕 Mum of Boys & Mabel

Wilfred was due to start school in Dubai this September, five days a week. Because kids start school a year later in the UK, he's only going to nursery three days a week and I get him (and his little sister) to myself a couple of days every week. He was totally geared up to start school though - so nobody is allowed to call it nursery. It's school, OK? Totally school. Not like a nursery at all. School, school, school. Got it? #justwilf


2017/09/14 17:59:09

Enjoy "school" Wilfred. Hope you're settling back into UK life okay.


2017/09/14 19:10:48

Haha! Bea just wants to be like Spot the dog - she doesn't even know what nursery is! It's 'Bea's school' through and through!


2017/09/14 21:38:49

Is he going to private nursery or preschool? Cos preschool is technically school!


2017/09/14 21:49:21

@luwayla It's nursery within a school - so yah it's basically school. As far as he's concerned anyway


2017/09/15 03:19:58

Ha, there's not loads of difference between last year of nursery and reception anyway - hope you all settle in ok!