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Day 5 of the september tarot challenge, what am I too critical of and how to handle that criticism? Family! Oups! Well, yes, I am very critical of my family, and I think I have every right to be. My family at the moment is just my dad. We have a difficult relationship and I think 'critical' is a good word to describe our attitude towards each other. The tarot challenge asks us to look for what can stop that criticism, but I've changed it into 'how to handle it'. My criticism is a reaction that keeps me at a safe distance, and I don't feel it's the time to take down my boundaries. So how to handle this? Working on my mother wound and doing some serious shadow work and soul digging. 💚🌱🌸 #septembertarotchallenge #mestizamagictarotchallenge #queertarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotreading #readingthecards #witchyherbalist #plantwitch #souldigging #shadowwork #thingstodo