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Dal chilli fritters or what we fondly call "gateau piment" (chilli cake) are probably one of my favourite savoury snacks. In Mauritius, I'd most often buy them on the streets along with a roti or dal puri. 😋
They are like a falafel but made with yellow split pea instead along with onions, mixed herbs and spices, and as much chilies as you can handle! 💥
I made some homemade doughnut shaped ones today for breakfast. You can just make balls which are easier. I have a couple of recipes for these on the blog. They are oldies but timeless goodies. Check them out here ✨ http://veganlovlie.com/daal-chilli-cake/ ✨
and here ✨ http://veganlovlie.com/veganmofo08-dhal-soup-with-dhal-chili/ ✨
and here ✨ http://veganlovlie.com/february-2010-daring-cooks-challenge/ ✨
Or search for "dal chili cake" on the blog. 💜
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2017/08/17 22:58:19

Just found your YouTube channel today and love your recipes! Will be making some of them soon, and these look so tasty! 😊


2017/08/17 22:59:46



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2017/08/17 23:49:57

Brings back memories of Motherland. Looks yummy


2017/08/18 00:11:39

I was scrolling through my feed and my eyes laid on those 'gateau piments' and they opened twice as big as the cakes!! 😲😲Yummy! 😋💛


2017/08/18 02:13:04

Perfect 💕


2017/08/19 03:32:53

Glad to see another montrealer mauritian foodie! =)


2017/08/19 05:49:53

@insta_uzz thank you. 💚 Glad you like the recipes. Tag us if you try any of them. 🙌🏻


2017/08/19 05:51:18

@xiongswee 🙋


2017/08/19 05:51:56

@ivana81uy 💖


2017/08/19 05:52:25

@sprinklesofwonder yes I think you eat 20 of these at one sitting!


2017/08/19 05:53:23

@maybe_i_can_cook thank you ✌️


2017/08/19 05:55:51

@manli_q wherever we are, we can't forget our food. 😃 Glad to connect. 🙋


2017/08/19 07:09:21

@veganlovlie That is not true! I can eat 20 I guess but not this size 😀


2017/09/03 11:05:33



2017/09/17 07:58:43

Your food looks absolutely amazing! So glad I found you! 🙏🏻🙌🏻


2017/10/25 11:32:11

Heaven 🙏🏾 My childhood 😋


2017/11/14 15:36:20

Hi @veganlovlie I'm an Indian south african and this looks like what we call Veda. I've been trying to open this link to the video but it just won't work. I'd love to see your version and give it a try. Love your channel!


2017/11/16 09:38:57

hello @chettyjade, I don't have a video for these but I have the recipes on the blog. The links are in the description, there are 3 versions of this recipe on the blog. Alternatively, you can just search for "dal chili cake" on the blog - http://veganlovlie.com
I hope this helps. 🙂


2017/11/16 13:20:12

@veganlovlie hi!🙋thank you for the response. I will give it a look😊